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Ed O'Brien Biography And Information

Full Name: Edward John O'Brien.
Birth Date: April 15, 1968.
Instrument: Rhythm guitar, percussion, back up vocals.
Education: Abingdon School, studied economics at Manchester University.
Previous Jobs: Barman photographer's assistant.
Key Words: Tall, dark, handsome, riffs, spliffs.
Favorite Music: Past influences-Beatles, Dinosaur Jr, Joy Division, Happy Mondays, Smiths, NWA.
Current faves-Mansun, ROC, The Verve, Moloko.
Favorite Movies, Tv, Books: "Delicatessen", "Timebends", "Paris,Texas".
Likes: Playing live.
Dislikes: Sycophants.
Influences: Glenn Campbell.
Other: Ed's dad is well known as a keen follower of the band's fortunes and pop in general. "His dad will come in waving the music papers and want to discuss the new Primal Scream single," said Colin. Ed has now moved into his own place.

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