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Jonny Greenwood Biography And Information

Full Name: Jonathan Richard Guy Greenwood.
Birth Date: November 5, 1972.
Instrument: Lead guitar, organ, synthesizer, piano, recorder, sound effects, everything else imaginable.
Education: Abingdon School, began course in psychology at Oxford Poly.
Previous Jobs: None.
Key Words: Funny, erudite, impatient, splint, fringe.
Favorite Music: Past influences-Jazz, Miles Davis, Elvis Costello.
Current faves-Mo'Wax, Can, Pink Floyd's Meddle.
Favorite Movies, Tv, Books: "Prick Up Your Ears", "Going For Gold", "Generation X", "The Imperfect Art".
Likes: Buying records, walking, touring, Lee Morgan.
Dislikes: Buying compact discs, driving, recording, Derek Nimmo.
Influences: Frank Black, Jimmy Smith, Lee Morgan.
Other: Hardly drinks, married, known as "the dreamer" at school. Likes buying clothes. Wrote The Tourist, the final track on OK Computer.

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