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All poems and writings by: Misfit/F. Darkness/Steve.
They belong to him, not me.
So e-mail him with any comments or if you wish to use any poem in any way.
The address is at the bottom of this page.


Flaming bible, burning with all the fires of hell.
Me laughing at the sound of smoldering angles.
This place stinks I say, it smells.
Of rotting souls with no goal in life.
No longer living for the fun of life but for some other reason.
It is not pretty here any more, it is not pretty here any longer.
So I leave this place of ungratefulness, I leave and go to a better place.
Some where that is love, somewhere that is happiness.
I go back to when things were fun to do, just because they were fun.

~Lori's Feline~

The speed at which my life progresses is set in days, months and years.
But the pace of my heart is not and varies from time to time.
The rush of excitment, the smell of rememberance, or even the feel of a beautiful woman.
All of these things excelorate this pace to almost bursting.

Today it is the smell of rememberance of the fell of a beautiful woman,
that has my heart pushing torwards that wonderful end.
For she is what i crave.
You know the one, with that special something that is uncontrolable.
Yet she merely plays with it as if it where a ball of yarn and she the perfect feline.
She plays with it, my heart.


The worst confinement i've ever been in is the prison in my own mind.
The one that is my memory of her and her love.
I can never let that go.
I will never get past the love I have for her.
Even if she doesn't love me anymore I will always have my memories to haunt me.
I will never forget her.
I will never get her out of my heart.
I know no matter where i go a part of me will always be with her and she will always be on my mind.
I will always be in my own prison, my own confinement.

~Night Poem~

Love is lost and
day turns to darkness,
Night turns
even blacker.

Yet I see a glimmer,
of something in the blackness far away.

Is it hope
that she will come back to me,
Or is it just my memory of her
forever with me.

If we part this way
my nights will be forever blackened,
And for me
the sun will never shine.

~China Doll~

She is my little china doll,
I love her.
But I hate him and he always has her,
My little china doll.
I want to kill him,
I will kill him to get her back.
Cut him up,
Place him in glad lock baggies and send him out to sea.
I will do it,
For her my little china doll.


The way I feel when I see them together is almost hatred and betrayal.
The hatred that I have for him that has been long growing.
The feeling of betrayal by her for leaving me for him.
I get hyper and sick to my stomach all at once.

I love her and hope she still loves me.
But I think she might love him more than she ever loved me.
She does things for him that I wanted her to do for me.

I want her to be mine again.
She may or may not be.

This is the girl I would sell my soul for.
All the other girls that I tried to make up for her mean nothing to me.
They will never replace her in my life.

~The Way~

The sparkle in her eyes,
The puff of her lips,
The fact that she doesn't know it hurts.

The way she just walks by,
The way I look at her then look away,
The way I just want to hold her for hours,
The things I have to hear,
The way it hurts.

The things I would do for her,
The way she won't talk to me,
The way we met,
The way we use to hug but don't anymore,
The time that I wait as she won't even be my friend,
The way it hurts.

~One Track Mind~

After a second or a day near her,
It's like I'm blind to the world around me.
Things could be dying around me,
And all I would think of would be her.
It's as if I have a one track mind...her,
But she won't even talk to me.
She is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen,
I feel lucky just to have met her.

~See Her~

I look into her eyes to see the love,
All I see is the pain that I've caused.
I can't see love any more,
But I still love her.

Look in my eyes when she is the topic,
You'll see the tears that I'm fighting back.
I can't see love any more,
But I still love her.

The tears I fight back are for her even if she can't see them,
If she knew then maybe I'd see love again but she doesn't.
I can't see love any more,
But I still love her.

Can you see her,
I miss her.
I can't see love any more,
But I still love her.

~I Cry~

I am a man but still I cry.
I cry for all those dead, dying and all the suffering.
Does this make me weak?
I say no.

For I cry because of my heart,
And my love of life.
And if you die I will cry for you to.

But not all death is for real,
No there is more than just the end of a life.
There is the death of a love,
Meant to be togther for all time.

There is the end of a line for you to cross,
Can you make it on your own?
I think not,
Everyone needs to be helped.

Do I need to cross this line?
But I know I need help,
And so I cry.

~Do I Still Love Her?~

Do I still love her?
I'm sorry but you can't ask me that,
You have not known her love as I have.

You have not known her hate as I have,
You have not looked in to her eyes and seen nothing.
You DO NOT know the pain that I know,
Because of her.

You can not know the pain I bare,
You will not know this kind of pain.
Not yet,
Not for sometime, because you still have love.

You have yet to lose it all,
You can not ask me this.
Not now,
Not about her.

Do I still love her?
With all of my heart YES.


After all these years,
And all these times.
One would think that,
I could tell the difference,
Between love and lust.
But still the brain is,
Clouded by emotion.


Pain is all that my heart feels,
Because she hates me.
Because she thinks that I'll hurt her again,
She thinks that she's just a phase in my life.

Pain in my soul,
She is every thing that my soul needs.
I would need nothing else in my life,
She makes my life happy.

Pain is all that can be seen in my eyes,
She has the most beautiful eyes.
Big and brown and perfect,
I love her eyes and no pain.

I feel the pain,
She doesn't know the pain.
She may know pain but not mine,
I love her and she doesn't know it and that's the pain.

The pain is hell,
She is heaven.
She causes the pain,
She is my heaven and my hell.

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