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Phil Selway Biography And Information

Full Name: Phillip James Selway.
Birth Date: May 23, 1967.
Instrument: Drums.
Education: Abingdon School, studied English and history at Liverpool Polytechnic.
Previous Jobs: Drumming in pit bands for touring musicals, sub-editor, English language teacher.
Key Words: Quiet, bald, well dressed, sensuous.
Favorite Music: Past influences-The Beat, Joy Division, The Ruts.
Current faves-Teenage Fanclub, Tricky, Supergrass, Captain Beefheart.
Favorite Movies, Tv, Books: "Shenandoah", "This Morning", "Ask The Family", "Becoming A Mon", "Waterland".
Likes: Being noticed, fish, vodka and tonic.
Dislikes: Sitting at the back of the stage, in relative obscurity.
Influences: Luck, mostly.
Other: Often said to be the band's emotional anchor. So mild mannered that he is known as 'Mad Dog'. The band claim they wind up new engineers and producers by telling them to watch out for Phil's temper. Married to Kate.

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