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Thom Yorke Biography And Information

Full Name: Thomas Edward Yorke.
Birth Date: October 7, 1968.
Instrument: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards.
Education: Abingdon School, studied english and art at Exeter University.
Previous Jobs: Played guitar in Exeter techno band called Flickernoise, worked as an ordely in a mental hospital.
Key Words: Creative, guarded, sarky, moody, hyperactive.
Favorite Music: Past influences-Elvis Costello, Scott Walker, Japan, R.E.M, Throwing Muses, Joy Division.
Current faves-P.J Harvey, Faust, Can, Prince Buster, DJ Shadow, Laika, The Verve, Penderecki.
Favorite Movies, Tv, Books: "Arthur", "Married With Children", anything with Joe Pesci or Dudley Moore, "The Medusa Frequency", "A Night On Earth", "Waiting For Godot".
Likes: Love, hope, passion, articulation.
Dislikes: You tell me.
Influences: Lack of sleep.
Other: During his first year at Exeter University he sported a long coat and a trilby hat, Steptoe & The Bunnymen chic. Still likes clothes. Changes his hairstyle more often and more radically than the others. Writes the bulk of the songs which the band arranges and mutates. Drives a Fiat Punto.

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